Who is VozTelecom?

VozTelecom history

VozTelecom specializes in cloud communications and is market leader in IP telephony within the Spanish small and medium-sized company sector. Since it was founded in 2003, it has been at the forefront of our country’s migration of telephony and communication systems to the “Cloud”, offering services through a specialized distribution channel and with nation-wide presence.

Our vision

To become the preferred Managed Service Provider for common ITC needs into SMB market, through cloud innovative service offering and specialized Partner’s network in Spain as other EU countries.

VozTelecom strategy

By means of its cloud solutions suite, VozTelecom supplies SME’s with a set of managed services which address a company’s main communications and IT needs. Up until this time, these types of services were only available to large corporations, as their design and implementation depended on large investments.

However, VozTelecom services require neither investments nor purchasing of hardware, as it is VozTelecom who supplies the service, which derives in a dramatic drop in the costs of communications, significantly reducing investments in technology whilst offering excellence in customer service and professional post-sales support.

Success Story

Javier Jiménez from ICABA: “VozTelecom has given us a custom solution that suits our needs.”

ICABA, a VozTelecom customer since 2011, stands for the Illustrious College of Lawyers (Ilustre Colegio de Abogados) of Badajoz whose main headquarters is in the city of Badajoz. With branches in thirteen towns including Merida and Villanueva de la Serena, it has been safeguarding the professional interests of local lawyers since 1839.

Javier Jiménez, Head of IT and systems at ICABA, explains how Servicios Profesionales de Extremadura, a VozTelecom partner, made him an integral offer for VozTelecom services.

The fully customized plan ensured a series of results, which began to materialize from the very start. Hence, ICABA has acquired three VozTelecom services: Meeting, professional HD cloud video conferencing suitable for multiple parties, Direct, a reliable and affordable IP lines service and Centrex, a cloud-based PBX phone system. Javier Jiménez also explains, first and foremost, the significant advantages of the Centrex, a cloud-based PBX phone system that integrates fixed and mobile networks and adapts to every user profile.

For one thing, Centrex, which also includes managed access to xDSL and fiber optic Internet connections, has earned them 50% in savings on their telephone bill and has greatly improved communication management. Thanks to this technology, they were able to unify their headquarters and assign direct numbers to each extension, thus significantly improving phone-based services to their customers. Secondly, Centrex has integrated the College’s landline and mobile networks into the cloud-based PBX. This has also resulted in savings on their mobile telephone bill, with no need to change operators. Therefore, thanks to the Centrex Mobile Apps, employees of ICABA can always be reached as they can receive and make calls from their smartphone or tablet using the fixed rate of the IP PBX from anywhere with WIFI internet connection over 3G or 4G networks.

Additionally, Centrex has provided them with different user profiles in accordance with the different job roles that exist at the College. As such, a receptionist answering incoming calls, an administrative assistant or even the college dean, people with very diverse communication needs, can find a profile in Centrex with the specific features and applications they need.

Another element Javier emphasizes in his testimonial is the direct, friendly and professional service the partners of VozTelecom provide. VozTelecom has over 300 certified dealers providing services to all of Spain and to whom VozTelecom gives support, business tools and training to help them meet their sales objectives.

Moreover, VozTelecom has a professional customer service department located in its offices in Barcelona open 24 hours that provides service and support to customers as